How to Draw Captain Hook from Peter Pan -

How to Draw Captain Hook from Peter Pan

How to Draw Captain Hook from Peter Pan

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw Puss in Boots Step by Step

Step 1

The first step is to draw the shapes and guides to create the frame for the Hook. Start with a tiny circles for head. You will then draw guides for the face. Then, you will sketch out the body’s position body in the manner shown here as well as the lining for his arms as well as the sword.

Step 2

What you’ll do now is sketching the shapes of the body parts beginning with the large fur hats. Then draw lines around his, wavy hair, face , and the coat’s lining. Then , draw the leg and glove contours.

Step 3

After you’ve completed the first step you’ll begin to observe that the Hook appears to be growing well. Finish the design of the feather and hat and then add the rest of the lining that will make up the face. Add the mouth and eye definition and the mustache. Then, you’ll take out the rest of your jacket and your sword. Take your legs further and then move towards the following step.

Step 4

This is the final drawing step , and all you need to draw is the remainder of his mouth open and then draw his hair. Draw the details of his jacket, such as straps and a ruffled tie, and then draw the hook, right-sleeve, and blade. Complete this step by drawing his designs and then erase the guides and patterns you sketched in step one.

Step 5

That’s it, you’re done. All you need be able to color is him, and you’ll have a full illustration of Captain Hook. I hope that you enjoyed yourself learning this lesson. And I’m sure that his feet are somewhat off, but it was something I had to correct. You performed a wonderful job!

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