Archibald Haddock is a character from The comic-book collection “The Adventures of Tintin” as the captain of a sailing vessel that travels long distances as well as the best companion of Tintin’s main Tintin. Tintin. In today’s drawing class, we’ll show how to draw the art of drawing Captain Haddock.

Step 1
Even though drawing today is quite easy, we will still start this course by sketching the skeleton of the character. Sketch out the skeleton using simple lines, as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 2
Then, we sketch the lines that intersect in the facial area. Then, draw out the outline of the body parts using geometric shapes that are simple. Don’t force the pencil to the limit The lines should be very soft.

Step 3
Then, add the simplest details to the sketch. The first step is to sketch the outline of the features of the beard, face, and sailor’s hat. Then, we go down a bit and draw the outline of the specifics of the clothing.

Step 4
Beginning with this step then, we’ll press the pencil with more force. Make sure to circle the entire parts of the beard, face, and hat which we sketched in an earlier step. The final step is taking away all guidelines that are unnecessary off the head.

Step 5
Then, we draw the collar that is large of a turtleneck. It is visible underneath the jacket. Then, we draw a circle around those lines in the jacket. draw an anchor at the center of the chest, and place an untidy handkerchief is placed in the pocket of the jacket.

Step 6
Now let’s move to the easiest step that is, drawing leg legs for Captain Haddock. Begin by drawing a circle around the outline of the pants while considering what folds are in the material. Draw the shoes of the captain, and then remove any extra guidelines.

Step 7
Then, take a more dark pencil (or markers) and begin drawing over the parts of the sailor’s hat like in our case hair, beard, pants, and jacket. If everything went as planned and you’ve got the drawing of Captain Haddock.

As you will see, we mostly create characters drawn from comics that focus on superheroes but don’t ignore other genres of comics. Which character from a comic film, cartoon, or comic do you want to draw? Send us a note in the comments section of this article, or on our social media, or drop us the bottle of your choice with a letter.

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