Our website is filled with various Comic book characters, which include many famous supervillains and superheroes. However, we often draw less popular characters, and as you’ve guessed the lesson on the drawing will be one of the latter. We’ll end with a preface before getting into the lesson on how to draw Cannonball.

Step 1
Here is an ordinary human skeleton. We begin at the top of Cannonball by drawing it in the most basic oval. Then, draw straight lines of the spine, and on it, we create the pelvis and chest. Then, we draw straight legs and arms with simple lines.

Step 2
In the next step, in accordance with the tradition, we’ll give some volume to Cannonball. First, we draw those lines that define facial harmony which is upwards, toward the character’s eyes. Then we sketch out the neck, which extends through the torso and legs (here we won’t sketch the legs below). Sketch out the arms, then proceed to the next step.

Step 3
Let’s try to create a mannequin that resembles Cannonball. The first step is to outline the features of the face along with the contours around the chin and the ears. Following that we draw out the outline of the muscles and join the geometric forms, creating the body. In the final process, we draw out the outline of the costume. Then, we put fire around the figure.

Step 4
Now, it’s the moment to sketch the detail and we’ll begin to draw them according to the tradition starting from the highest point. With clear and dark lines, we meticulously draw the outline of the head and face in the manner that follows. Don’t forget to slowly erase any unnecessary guidelines you had sketched in the initial steps during the class.

Step 5
Heads are drawn then we proceed to draw a body. The first thing we draw is the neck which moves into the body. Then, we sketch the outline of the pectoral muscles the abs, and the outline of the body. At the same time remove all guidelines that are not needed in order to draw the line of your dress.

Step 6
The next step is to focus on the hands. In this case, we must draw the outline of deltoids by drawing black and white lines that flow seamlessly into the forearms and biceps. Then, draw the hands in the manner shown in the illustration below. Take away any unnecessary guidelines and then move into the second step.

Step 7
With the aid of straight and curly lines, sketch the outline of the flame that surrounds our subject. Then, take an eraser and remove all unneeded guidelines from the drawing. If your drawing looks like ours, then you’ve completed everything correctly, and it’s time to move on to another step.

Step 8
Now let’s draw more realistically. To do this, we have to draw shadows using simple hatching. If you wish to create shadows that are darker you can simply add a second layer of hatching to the drawing.

We hope you’re able to draw Cannonball as well as that this drawing tutorial will have helped you. If this isn’t the case, please tell us in the comments below the article.

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