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How to Draw Caitlyn from League of Legends

The easy step-by-step drawing guide below.

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Step 1

Like always, let’s begin with some guidelines. I would suggest checking out Dawn’s instructional videos on drawing women before choosing this one. It’s pretty easy to draw, as you can see here. One of the most difficult items to consider is the firearm. We’ll now demonstrate some parallel guides for the rifle. The left arm of her is concealed behind her torso so we’ll just show her lower arm and hand.

Step 2

Okay, you might need to zoom in for the first step. The first step is making an overlap over a portion of the head of Caitlyn. There are a number of lenses placed on her helmet to aid her in aiming at distant targets. Let’s begin by putting in basic loops.

Step 3

One of the first things I tried was to enhance those lines that surround the lens. In the next step, we need to design a piece of paper to join the lenses. Then draw the swingarm facing upwards, and then finish the piece with a circular hinge that can be attached to her cap.

Step 4

The hat is now on. Caitlyn wears a very outrageous top hat, reminiscent of that of the Mad Hatter as seen in Alice in Wonderland. Look at how the brim curves towards the front and upwards at the sides. By joining this line along the edges, we can get the desired depth instead of drawing a flat design.

Step 5

In this article, we’ll draw a few of her hair, and also the primary design that her face has. The cheeks’ curves and eyebrows intersect with the guide line and also form the line of the eyes.

Step 6

Draw the specifics that make up the facial features. Also, I suggest checking out some of Dawn’s fundamental tutorials on drawing faces if you’re struggling with this.

Step 7

Then, we’ll draw a loose collar that Caitlyn wears around her neck, and around herself. It is also possible to make stripes on the hat. There’s a brim at the top of the hat. So make sure to draw the stripes on the edge.

Step 8

The chest is part of her rather striking outfit. It’s likely that she lives in a climate that is warm. We don’t need to draw the whole contour that the female breasts have here. I created a curve at the bottom which leads to the final form of the breast to create creases within the fabric. There’s also frills in this.

Step 9

Because the breasts are press-fit into this dress Try to highlight an extra bulge in the area in the area where the bust is into contact with the upper part of the garment. Then, make the shoulder straps a little wider to the opposite side. The hair is finished and then we can continue.

Step 10

We will draw two belts , one that is at the normal waistline and one that is just below her breasts. Because Caitlyn’s back has a slight arched shape, technically we’re taking a look UP at her ribcage, and down on her pelvis. This is why the belts will begin to curve away from one another.

Step 11

Fill in the waistline then draw hips. Scroll downwards and sketch the bottom of the top or dress she’s wearing. There is an unintentional slip underneath that skirt. be sure to remember this detail.

Step 12

To simplify things To make it easier for you, I came up with some more precise guides to the leg. These will provide you with a an concept of the forms and curves required. Take note of how the left-hand part (towards us) has a reverse B-shaped shape. On the other side (in the side view) is shaped like an S.

Step 13

The details of the pins. Once you reach the ankles, you can create wrinkles as she’ll wear leather boots. There are also particulars in the heels and the square top of the boots below.

Step 14

There will be some overlap when we trace the straps that protect Caitlyn’s thighs as well as her boots. Mark the buckles of the straps for Caitlyn’s thighs, and mark the tops of boots beneath the knee.

Step 15

The details of the straps and boots. Be sure to protect the shape of your toes for Steel Toe Boots.

Step 16

It’s not a stretch to say that we’re talking about arms here. If you’re having difficulty take a look at some reference arm and ensure you examine your hands to determine hand positions.

Step 17

By using parallel guide lines to outline the design of the rifle, and trace the barrels. Draw an outline of a small curve that will indicate the location in which the trigger and fingers will be moving.

Step 18

Then draw the hand that holds the gun, as well as the rest of your forearm. I would highly suggest taking a look at your hands for this exercise. Take out the phone in your house or any other item which can resemble the gun’s handle. Make sure to keep her finger off the trigger, or else you’d like her to waste ammunition.

Step 19

In this section, we’ll sketch a line of lens attachments running along the upper part of this rifle. I counted six lenses of which there are nuts. Draw the hammer inwards to solve the puzzle.

Step 20

Include some attractive details to the gun’s handle.

Step 21

In the last step, look over the entire drawing to determine what’s not there. Remove the shoulders (the essential kind) and lengthen the hair out and outward, blowing into the winds. Make the hair more detailed. Draw using amputee gloves. Make stripes on the fabric of the bust.

Step 22

The line art is done. Be sure to go back remove any line that are left from the straps that overlap and erase all the guide lines.


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