Dear comic book fans and artists, We will show you how to draw Cable. This is a Marvel Comics superhero, most often associated with the X-Men.

Step 1
To ensure that our character is symmetrical and smooth, we must first draw his skeleton. Our future drawings will be based on the skeleton. Begin with the head. Draw it as an oval. Next, draw a line to outline the spine. Draw the pelvis and chest along the spine line. Next, draw the arms and legs. Then move on to the next step.

Step 2
We now need to add volume to our Cable’s body. First, draw two lines that intersect in the middle of the face. Next, draw the neck and torso. The waist is narrower at the waist. Next, draw the arms and legs using simple geometric figures. In the lesson on Dr. Manhattan, we also showed you how to draw a superhero’s body.

Step 3
Let’s now add the most important details. Starting at the top, outline the hair, eyes, and nose. Cable’s luminous eyes are the main feature of his face. Add the details to the clothes as in the example.

Step 4
These are the basic shapes. Now we will move on to the final details. Draw the outline of your hair using clear and dark lines. Next, draw the facial features. Next, draw the outline of the character’s face.

Step 5
Let’s now move on to the torso. Gently draw the neck. Next, draw the pectoral muscles. Next, draw clothing elements that are on the sides and back of the torso. Remove all unnecessary guides from the torso at the end.

Step 6
Let’s now get to the arms. Draw the outline of your triceps, biceps, and forearm muscles. Draw below your hands, with your fists clenched. To make it metallic, we draw transverse lines on the right hand. We also delete any lines that were not necessary for the previous steps.

Step 7
Let’s now move on to the lower part of our Cable. Take out all other guidelines and draw the outline of the pants and details of the clothing on the lower body. Don’t forget to draw the legs. As in the example, add all necessary seams and folds.

Step 8
The cable drawing is nearly complete. Now we need to finish the job and draw some shadows. Let’s start with the darkest shadows. These will be painted in solid black. You can now add lighter shadows to the body by hatching. Draw hair along the arms and chest using short lines.

It was a lesson on how you draw Cable from Marvel Universe. We will give you some tips at the end of this tutorial that will help with the drawing process. You can also circle your drawing with ink or liner before you start painting. Comic artists do this all the time. Use very light lines for the first step, as we will need to erase them in the final steps.

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