How to Draw Buzz Lightyear, Chibi Buzz

How to Draw Buzz Lightyear, Chibi Buzz

Step 1:

Begin by drawing a round chibi head shape to create Buzz and then draw the inside lining of the mask. Don’t forget to sketch the shape of the ear, too.

Step 2:

The only thing you need to do simply draw the world around your head, then draw Buzz’s chibi face. It has two circular eyes that are shaped like a circle, eyebrows, the nose, and a an incline for the chin dimple.

Step 3:

We’ll draw the body in a round shape or torso, and when it’s done, you can draw a chibi Buzz’s arms and fist.

Step 4:

Draw the other hand and arm After that, draw the remainder of the body. Then draw his legs. Buzz is flying .

Step 5:

The body has been drawn out, now we need to add detail to his suit or body. Draw in all buttons and lines that adds the perfect amount of detail and define Buzz’s suit.

Step 6:

In the final drawing step, all you need to do is draw the wings. Include the detail to the wings made of plastic and erase any mistakes you have made.

Step 7:

You’re finished. You can now enjoy coloring this illustration of Chbi Lightyear.

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