Dear animators and fans of animated films, how to draw Bunsen is a Beast. We will be showing you how to draw Bunsen Is a Beast. It is the main character in the animated movie. We have also shown you how we draw Mikey Munroe using the same cartoon in our previous drawing lesson.

Step 1
The head’s upper portion is our starting point. Bunsen is quite a strange creature. His head shape is also unusual.

Step 2
The ears are drawn at the top of your head. We also draw the eyes in the form of ovals. After you have drawn your eyes, draw the pupils.

Step 3
Draw the mouth of the Beast. It should be wider than its head.

Step 4
This step is where we draw the Bunsen misaligned Teeth. The tongue is behind the teeth and it’s similar to a worm.

Step 5
This is the step where we draw the body. Bunsen’s body is shorter than his head.

Step 6
Draw Bunsen’s arms. Take note of how the arms are twisted.

Step 7
Draw the Bunsen’s legs in the same manner. Draw the tail after you have drawn the legs.

Step 8
Draw the patterns on your beast’s torso. Draw the shadow below the legs. Draw the crests at the tail as shown in the example.

This lesson had a very strange character. We hope you enjoy these strange characters and bizarre tutorials. You can also visit our lessons on fairy tail or Grinch if you wish. Did you know we have accounts on Google Plus and FaceBook? If you don’t know these accounts, please sign up for us on these social networks.

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