How to Draw Bulbasaur -

How to Draw Bulbasaur

How to Draw Bulbasaur

There are many types of Pokemon species to choose from in the games, TV shows, and movies.

The starter options in the first game were the fiery Charmander and the water-themed Squirtle.

Everyone has their pick of the best Pokemon. People love the cute Pokemon plants, so learning how to draw Bulbasaur can be a great way of showing this.

This tutorial is perfect for those who love this song!

This step-by-step guide will help you draw Bulbasaur in 6 simple steps.

1st Step:

We will start our guide on drawing Bulbasaur by first drawing the outline of its face.

As you can see, Bulbasaur will be drawn looking straight at us in the final images of this guide.

His facial outline looks almost like it could be a cat’s. You can begin it by drawing a round line at the base.

Next, create ears that extend from the top of your head by using more curves with pointed tips.

Connect another curve line between your ears and you can complete the guide.

2nd Step:

This Pokemon can be seen walking on its hind legs, with its feet close to the ground. It also has small, squat legs, which make it look quite reptilian.

These are the things we’ll be adding to your Bulbasaur Drawing in this Step.

Draw the outline of the front legs using curved lines. Add three small pointed claws at the ends of each leg with the help of the reference image.

Bulbasaur will connect these front legs by a straight line below them.

Draw the shape of his back legs, extending from the sides of the body. Add some pointed nails to this. This is it. Let’s move onto step 3.

3rd Step:

This is the third step in our guide on how to draw Bulbasaur’s face. We will also be drawing the pattern on his body.

His eyes look like rounded shapes but his tops are very sharply angled inward to give him an intense expression.

Next, draw two dots on his nose, and a long, straight line for his mouth. After these elements have been drawn, we can then add the spots to his body and face.

These drawings are made using irregularly rounded shapes and will be applied to his legs.

4th Step:

This Pokemon has an onion-shaped growth on the back that is always present. We will add it to your Bulbasaur drawing in the next part.

This growth has a rounded side, which will become narrower as you climb higher. This shape’s tip will be very narrow. You can create a jagged edge for the top edge.

Once you are satisfied with the outline, you can move on to the next stage. Here we will add final details and elements.

5th Step:

You’re now ready to complete the final details and be ready for the final stage of . This guide will show you how to draw Bulbasaur.

You can finish the drawing by drawing some curves onto the onion-shaped growth at its back.

They will begin at the top and curve outwardly a little before attaching to the base. After you’ve added the texture details, you can add your own details.

You have many options to personalize the image. You could create a background and recreate your Bulbasaur moment.

What are you going to do to complete this amazing drawing?

6th Step:

Bulbasaur has a unique color scheme as well, just like the different Pokemon species.

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