Hello! This month, Pikachu was very well-received. We decided to learn from the experience and draw another pokemon. As you can see, today we will draw Bulbasaur.

Step 1
Draw the contours for the head, body, and legs. The closest part of the body is from the head to us. It looks large because of this. The paws are round like the body and the head. They are however much smaller.

Step 2
Let’s now draw the contours for the bulb. This is the back of the bulb’s body.

Step 3
This step will draw the ears, eyes, and mouths of our pokemon. The eyes of Bulbasaur are triangular. Important: The eyes are different in shape. The ears look similar to triangles. However, the ears are much flatter.

Step 4
Now it’s time for the nose, teeth, and eyes to be painted. Note that the pupils of this pokemon are in the same direction in each eye. This pokemon’s pupils are very similar to those of dragons or reptiles.

Step 5
This step is much simpler than the previous ones. You will only need to draw three claws for each foot, and a few lines on the bulb.

Step 6
In normal condition, Bulbasaur was spotted. These spots will be drawn in the next step.

Step 7
We’ll draw a shadow in the final step of this drawing lesson.

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