How to draw Broly super saiyan from Dragon ball

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Like the other characters of the Dragonball series, Broly has a pretty well-constructed style.

The character’s portrayal includes him in his altered state This means that his muscles are extremely strong.

These elements could make it difficult to convince him, however we’ll be taking it slowly through this guide!

We’ll begin with his face as well as a small amount of hair. For his face, you may prefer to focus in closer to our image in order to have a closer glimpse of the specifics you’d like to portray the facial face.

We’ll then use certain curves to create thin lines with sharp edges on the ends to create our hair.

After you’ve drawn the parts according to the way they appear on our reference image, you are now ready to move to the next step!

Step 2: Then draw some more hair along with his body
A number of characters from this show sport distinctive hairstyles that are spiky, and this is particularly true when they do Super Saiyan transformations.

This is the case with this picture, so we’ll make the hair larger in the second stage in Your Broly drawing.

For this, you can incorporate some of the thin and pointed forms you started with in the first step to make the hairstyle more pronounced.

After that, we’ll draw his chest and shoulders. There are some funny muscles in this photo to highlight his dramatic transformation. as such, you’ll draw big circular shapes to represent the various muscles.

After you’ve recreated the chest and shoulders the way shown in the image referenced then you’re prepared for step 3.

Step 3 – Then Draw additional arms and the waist
Following this part in the Broly drawing lesson We will draw additional arms of Broly. He will raise his arms just a bit to make a strong pose in this picture.

For drawing his arms, keep drawing more circular muscles you began with for his chest and shoulders. In the next step, we’ll draw his abs to close the exercise.

Step 4 4. Draw his pants
The next step in this Broly drawing may turn out as one of the most complex steps in the tutorial.

It’s time to draw the pants. If you’re wondering why it’s so hard, look through our illustrations! The pants are comprised of a lot of different layers and many pleats.

While it may look scary however, if you follow the image carefully, you should not have any issues!

Begin by using some curves to make the belt that he’s wearing. Then , draw the layers of his pants.

Concentrate on layers at a time while drawing and you’ll discover it easier to do the right look.

You can then complete his feet and legs during the next step When you’re finished, we can proceed!

Step 5 – Add Final Strokes to Your Broly Drawing
After have completed the most complex steps of the Broly illustration tutorial you’re now able to go on to the more straightforward step, where you draw his boots.

Contrary to pants, which are composed of multiple layers and boots are drawn with smaller sections. Draw more smooth lines to draw his boots. Once you’re ready to move on!

Prior to taking the final step, you could make additions to this sketch. It’s exciting to create an image of a background that represents your most memorable scene or event in which Broly participated in. What would you like to do to finish this sketch?

Step 6 – Finish Your Broly Drawing With Some Color
This is the final stage of your Broly drawing process. Now you are able to color Broly! In the image we used as a reference we made sure that he was looking right by using yellow and red in his clothing.

He’s depicted as a Super Saiyan form here, which is why we added some light blonde hair, to highlight this.

You are free to utilize this palette for your own drawings to ensure the accuracy of your drawings, however you can alter the hues and colors that you prefer!

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