Dear readers, We are happy to share with you today a drawing lesson on how do I draw Brass Knuckles. It is a very dangerous weapon, despite its simplicity. We hope that you only draw it and not use it in real life.

Step 1
We begin by sketching the outline of brass knuckles. The classic version was chosen, with the serrations on one side and the smoothing on the other.

Step 2
Draw four holes in the middle of the brass knuckles and four in the middle for your fingers.

Step 3
Let’s increase the volume. Just like the example, draw the lines.

Step 4
Make a few small strokes on the surface of your brass knuckles. Add some shadows by simply hatching at the end.

We have today shown you how to draw a simple, but deadly weapon called brass knuckles. We hope that you share this drawing lesson with your friends and follow us on social media. If you are interested in drawing any other weapon, such as a gun, please visit the “Weapons” category. If you don’t see what you were looking for, please leave a comment below the article and we will draw it.

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