As you may have guessed, the team is a fan of all kinds of sports, particularly boxing. When we had one of our earlier lessons, the group of artists was already drawing the shape of a boxing bag.

Step 1
Boxing gloves are extremely bulky and round, so we must show the bulkiness in our drawings. We draw two rectangles and two circles over the circles.

Step 2
Let’s create geometric figures to look more realistic than the boxing gloves of real. Draw the outline of the gloves, and then divide the thumbs. In the upper section, sketch out the lacing where gloves are hung.

Step 3
The next step is to draw the gloves out using sharp and dark lines. This will make the drawing tidy and clean. Don’t forget to increase the thickness of the lacing.

Step 4
In this article, we will focus on the specifics of boxing gloves. Draw the seams that are required and fold them. On the inside of the glove, draw an apparent part of the opening to allow for the hand.

Step 5
It is enough to add some shadows keeping in mind the angle of incident of light. The process of hatching should not just create shadows and light however, it should also add bulk and make the boxing drawing appear more real and natural.

Our artists tried to simplify the lesson into proportional and simple steps to ensure clarity and ease in the drawing. If we have achieved the results we were looking for, and our guideline for drawing gloves for boxing was easy make sure you join us on our channel and be sure to share this lesson with your acquaintances and anyone who would like to become a professional artist.

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