how to draw boots

On There is an area where we teach you the art of drawing clothes. in the coming days, this category will be filled with this step-by-step guide on drawing boots.

These guidelines will be helpful for anyone who wishes to sketch people, as apart from our body shape, it is possible to can also sketch clothing, like glasses or gloves.

Step 1

Start by making the base of the boots. To do this, draw two ovals that are long. They do not need to be perfect and smooth.




Step 2

Then we will show the upper portion, which covers the tops of the ankles and feet. Lines shouldn’t be smooth or dark at the beginning of the process.




Step 3

Use an eraser change to the right brush when drawing with the tablet and then clean off any unnecessary lines from the sketching boots.




Step 4

Draw the upper edge of your boots as well as that of the lacing lines. You can easily duplicate the style of the artists at or create your own idea.




Step 5

Make sure you get to the bottom of the boot and draw soles. Draw clearly the heels and the lines between the shoes with the sole. The sole could be thick or thin.




Step 6

Draw the lacing as well as the lace holes. It is possible to depict the parallel lacing in our illustration or cross lacing. It is also possible to draw bows at the end of your lacing.




Step 7

Then, use an eraser once more and wipe off any guidelines left from the sketch of the boots. To provide the image with more aesthetics and clarity sketch the entire image with ink or lines that are darker.

Step 8

Shoes are available in a range of colors. Paint the boots black, brown, or any other hue. Lacing, an outer surface, as well as the sole darker than the rest of the boot.




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