How to draw Boots easy Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


Step 1:

In this section we will draw outlines of what the inside of our boot will look like. Draw with a pencil on the paper. Like the illustration below

Step 2:
In this phase we will draw various lines as well as different dimensions on the rectangular. The boxes will appear to be bootstraps. They will appear like the bottom of the boots. Top lines will create the outline of the boot’s front.

Step 3:
In this next step you’ll draw a second shoe inside your boot drawing in order to finish the boot. Draw the form of the boot in the same way as you did previously. This step is to add the complete form of the thick base. Keep your eyes on the ball! We’re almost there.

Step 4:
This is step 4 in our instructional guide on drawing boots. We’ll draw rectangles in different dimensions onto the other shoe to form the form that the bootstraps will take. Just like you did in step 2. Draw an oval beneath the top line of the boot’s shape. It should look like the place where you insert your foot inside the boot.

Step 5:
For you kids, this is the final stage of our quick sketching tutorial for boot. In this section, we’ll complete our drawing using the color. Use your color palette to complete your drawing. The same color should be used on the sole as well as the area that you place your foot inside the shoe. Add pops of color to the straps of your shoes. Then , fill in the remainder of the design with brown or another appropriate shade. There are numerous types of boots available that come in a variety of shades. But, you must choose the shades that provide your drawing with a chic and elegant look.

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