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Do you want to learn how to draw boobs; because I want to teach you how in this step-by-step tutorial. I’m not going to lie; drawing women’s breasts is one of my favorite things to draw. And that’s because I love drawing women a lot. If you are familiar with my work, I illustrate mermaids quite frequently. So I have tons of drawing experience with boobs. I will keep this tutorial simple and easy to follow. I don’t want to bog you with too much about the anatomy. However, knowing basic anatomy does help. On that note, are you ready to learn how to draw boobs?

Drawing breasts are a lot easier than some may think once you understand the basic makeup of the breast although I’m sure when we all first started attempting to draw our first nude we stuck two circles at the top of our females chest, stuck a small circle in the middle for the nipple area and thought, right that’s the breasts.

Man has spent eons trying to master an art that sounds much simpler than it actually is: drawing boobs.

Think back to elementary school, to the first time you tried to draw boobs on a stick figure. They were probably just two generous circles with dots in the middle of them, plastered to a triangle dress. Your bosom-drawing skills probably haven’t improved all that much since the schoolyard days.

So if you want to learn the correct way to draw breasts on a woman you are in the right place. The first thing you need to understand is that the breast is not a solid object stuck to the woman’s chest as is often portrayed.


It is made up mostly of specialised tissue called glandular tissue which produces the milk, and adipose tissue which is a group of fat cells that extend from the collarbone, to the underarm and across the rib cage.
The amount of fatty tissue in the breast determines it’s size, while the shape of the breast, and how it sits on the chest is determined by the connective tissue and ligaments supporting it. Examples of this can be seen later in this tutorial.

The fact that it is made up mostly of fatty tissue means that it does not protrude out of the chest like a half round football as often portrayed when you first attempt to draw a female nude but instead moves and reshapes itself according to the position or pose of the body which I will try to demonstrate throughout this series of tutorials.

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Below are two examples, Fig 1 being the more convincing feminine interpretation of the breast with the breast sitting naturally on the chest and the nipple positioned more realistically as due to gravity they tend to always point slightly down and out. Whereas in Fig 2 the breasts are more solid looking and appear to be stuck on the chest with the nipples pointing forwards.

According to Lubchansky, starting in the right spot is the main thing. You also have to make sure they’re not orb-like, which is how a lot of people draw them. He’s not sure where that trend started, but you see it a lot.

And one important thing to keep in mind when drawing boobs is that they’re much more fluid than the stiff depictions that they often get in drawings.

“Basically boobs are sacks of flesh that hang off your body that are constantly affected by gravity. One of the problems I see a lot is that people draw round, perfect breasts where they’re like spheres, which is not like real life,” Feduk says. “It’s kind of like if you had a water ballon and had it dangling out in front of you, that’s closer to how a breast is in real life.”

There are plenty of other mistakes that Lubchansky and Feduk have often spotted. Drawing the boobs too high or low will make the bosoms look wonky in relation to the shoulders. Or sometimes they’re ridiculously sized, like two watermelons sitting under a woman’s neck. 

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Again when shaping the breast In profile, or if my female is slightly twisting I imagine a right angle where I want to position the breast and then add the shape of the breast. I make sure the top line is longer than the bottom and curve both lines to form the shape.

For more examples of how the breasts look in difrerent pose please also see the tutorials on drawing  arms

It is important that you make the top line longer or your breast may look out of proportion. Obviously, if the pose needs this to be different then again use your eyes to decide what looks best. With that said, all breasts vary so next lets first look at the most well known natural types of breast shape.

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