Dear readers. We have prepared a lesson on how you can draw Bodi in Rock Dog. Bodi is a dog who guards his village but dreams of being a rock star.

Step 1
The skeleton for our Rock Dog is first drawn. The head should be in the shape of a circle, and the torso should be oval. Next, draw the arms and legs with lines.

Step 2
Bodi’s body will now be volumeted by simple geometric figures.

Step 3
Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth. Draw the outline of the guitar and the tail of our hero.

Step 4
We now move on to the details. Draw pupils within the eyes. Draw the tongue, teeth, and nose inside the mouth.

Step 5
Draw the hair of your dog. Next, draw the hat and patterns.

Step 6
You can draw out details such as strings. You can draw the arms and torso, erasing the guidelines.

Step 7
This is Bodi the Rock Dog. Draw the tail and legs. You can add details like a guitar wire.

It was an easy lesson. We hope you found this lesson helpful.

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