How to draw Blueberry Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1:
In the beginning of the simple blueberry drawing guide we draw circles. The circle’s size must be moderate. Draw a few lines as well as some shapes within the circle. These lines and shapes will represent the top of the blueberry. Draw exactly as illustrated in the illustration.

Step 2:
In this next step we draw a second circle with the same dimensions. Draw the circle in an area that is over the bottom portion of the previous circle. Draw lines and forms inside the circle to form heads for the blueberries. Draw the same way as you did in earlier circles.

Step 3:
In this next step, we’ll create a third circle on our artboard. Draw the circle in a way that it appears to be just behind our first circle. You can draw lines and forms within the circle. Follow the same steps as you did in Step 1 and Step 2. Be focused! We’re almost there.

Step 4:
In this section, we’ll identify some leaves as well as blueberries. Let’s draw the form of the leaf by drawing curves and connecting them. Two small leaves should be added at the top and side, and another on the reverse. Similar to the image.

Step 5:
In this next step we’ll draw our sketch in color. Color blueberries. Then, color the leaves green. Keep the center of the leaf in view. Make sure to keep the blueberry’s top visible using a black marker, so it isn’t obscured because of the color.

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