Hello! In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach the viewers what you can draw Bloom from Winx Club – the protagonist of the wildly popular animation show “Winx Club”. Winx Bloom is a little girl who, one day, discovered the power of magic. It was at a crucial time in the story when Winx determined to help another sorcerer, Stella. Stella was assaulted by monsters that were evil which took place in the park where she was walking. Stella, a brave young girl, ran for assistance and in the course of the battle, she demonstrated a supernatural power. In reality, it’s from this that Bloom’s story begins. of the cult Bloom.

Step 1
We start, as usual by drawing a stickman, a man-made from circles and sticks that will assist us to draw the outline of the character as well as its proportions and location on the paper.

Step 2
Start adding Volume to Bloom. Utilizing a cylinder that is thin and elongated, trace the arms. The lines are graceful and curving. define your hands

. When drawing the body contours, don’t overlook that it must look like an hourglass that narrows at the mid-section (waist) and is extended upwards and downwards (chest and pelvis and pelvis, respectively). Like the proportions (but more real) that we sketched in one of our earlier lessons on drawing an attractive girl. Draw the leg shapes.

Don’t forget to draw your facial guidelines. First, draw an axis of vertical symmetry which divides your head into two equally sized parts. After that, you draw horizontal lines for the eyes. Don’t forget to draw the shorter lines of the mouth, nose, and hair.

Step 3
Utilizing the instructions in the previous step, draw the hair according to the guidelines from the previous step. It is important to note that hair is drawn extremely simply and comprises large hair strands. The next step is to draw the eyes, and eyebrows (here specifically, use the guidelines from the earlier step) as well as the design on the head which consists consisting of 3 balls. Don’t forget a crucial aspect – the tuft of hair sticking out the crown.

Step 4
Draw big eyes, with an almond-shaped shape and pupils (note their position, so that you can transfer the image). Draw the lips and nose. With confident, sharp lines outline the contours of your hair and face, then eliminate any unnecessary guidelines that were drawn in the earlier steps.

Step 5
Remove any extra lines from the body. Draw the short skirt of Bloom as well as the straight vertical line of the breast, and the upper part of your skirt. Don’t forget the navel as well as the abdominal line.

Step 6
Draw the gloves in pencil. Remove any lines that are not needed and draw a circle around the contour.

Step 7
The skirt should be shaped. The contours of the skirt as well as the clothes on top, should be angular and composed mostly of straight lines. Don’t forget to include two horizontal lines on the fabric along with a small cut on either side. Take the guidelines off the legs and draw circles around the legs’ lines of Bloom.

The lesson completed the drawing class on drawing Bloom of the Winx Club. It is possible to draw Bloom in any position. To do that, you only need to purchase Winx doll Winx to draw the doll in any position. Visit often on for new lessons in drawing. Goodbye.

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