How To Draw Blaze the Cat from Sonic the Hedgehog

The simple step-by step drawing guide below.

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Step 1

Let’s begin the first step in “how to draw Blaze from Sonic” by using a few easy tutorials and forms. Draw a circle first for her head. Then, add guide lines on her face. Next, trace the lines of her ear and then move her body that is the basic posture she’s trying to create.

Step 2

In the next step in step two, you’ll begin to outline the facial shape of her, including the cheeks, ears, and mouth forms. After that, draw the left-hand part of the chest or torso. You can then draw the lining of the jacket. Draw her legs first, then her feet.

Step 3

The third step is complete, and there are only two steps to proceed. Complete Blaze’s head shape, and then begin drawing her eyes, including the lashes, and the entire. Then draw her nose, and the collar designs. Then take her right hand using a fist. Then, you will draw the ruffled cuffs of her pant and sleeves. You can add more lines to her shoes, and then move to step four.

Step 4

Then, you can complete the last drawing step. What I have to draw is what ponytail Blaze wears and then include the intricate lines of her ears. Then draw the diamond on her face, between her eyes. Then draw and color her eyes. Draw the jacket to the end and draw the arms and the tail. Eliminate all the rules you sketched in step one. You are ready to move to drawing lines.

Step 5

This is how the Sega character will look like once you’re finished. The character is now ready to color and you’ll then be done by following your “how to draw Blaze the Cat” step-by step tutorial.

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