In the Marvel universe, there are numerous popular characters that are well-known throughout the world. In Marvel, there are also lesser-known characters. Marvel, there are a few lesser-known characters, one of who is the villain Blackheart. Today we will demonstrate what you can draw of Blackheart.

Step 1
In the tradition, we start with the character’s skeleton, drawing first the head. Then we sketch the spine’s line where we draw the outline of the thorax as well as the pelvis. Utilizing gentle lines, we sketch the outline of the legs and arms of Blackheart.

Step 2
The next step is to add a bit more volume to our sketch. The first step is to will draw a horizontal line across the head to indicate the position of the eyes. Then we will outline the neck and the torso, which taper sharply at the waist. Then, draw the outline of the legs, arms, and tail. Make sure that the entire detail should be drawn using simple geometric designs.

Step 3
Now is the time to look into account the details, and we’ll begin by looking at the face. Blackheart’s face Blackheart appears to be wearing a mask, which means there’s not much detail on the face. To begin, we must accurately sketch out the outline of the face like in our illustration. Then, draw the contours of the eye as well as cheekbones, as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 4
We will continue drawing specifics around the head of Blackheart. This process will be easy. Utilizing long and slightly curly lines, trace long, sharpened hair thorns over the head. Eliminate any guidelines that are not needed from the head and proceed on to the next.

Step 5
Let’s begin the drawing of the torso. First, sketch out the outline of the shoulders and neck. Then, draw the pectoral muscles as well as the outline of the body. Draw the lines of abs and eliminate any unnecessary guidelines from the torso.

Step 6
We now move on to the arms. The first step is drawing the large deltoid muscles. Following that we sketch out the triceps and biceps and then the outline of the forearm muscles. Draw the outline of the hands using four fingers, then remove any unnecessary guidance from the arms and continue.

Step 7
The top that we draw of our characters is drawn Now it’s time to draw the lower portion that makes up the lower part. We’ll start by ensuring drawing the outline of the lower and upper legs. Then, draw the outline of the feet as well as the long tail. Take an eraser and erase all irrelevant instructions from the outline.

Step 8
The drawing is close to being finished The drawing is almost done, but we have to increase the size. We will do this by using shadows, as we have always. By hatching, we can add shadows in the areas where shadows fall the least. To draw shadows that are darker, apply a more dense shading. If you’ve done everything correctly then you now know what to draw Blackheart.

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