How to draw Bird Nest and Egg Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

Begin by drawing the top of the nest. You will need to draw a series of curved lines that intersect at sharp points. This gives the nest the texture and appearance of grass, straw, or other materials.

Step 2

Continue to draw a series of curved lines that intersect at jagged points. This line style will fully cover the nest’s rounded shape.

Step 3

The interior structure of the nest. You can draw curves by using a series short curves that meet at jagged places.

Step 4

Sketch a circle around the egg to draw it. You will notice that the egg’s one end is narrower than the other.

Step 5

Draw the second egg. Make the circle wider at one end than the other.

Step 6

Draw the third egg by drawing an arc between the two first eggs, and enclosing the circle so that it appears to be nestled behind them.

Step 7

Sketching curves can help you to detail the interior of your nest. Each line should be made up of many curved lines, which meet at sharp points.

Step 8

You can delete the instructions starting at the place where the egg meets the nest. Learn how to draw a hatching egg.

Step 9

Keep the nest structure intact with only a few lines.

Step 10

Color your home. Did you know? There are many colors available for bird eggs, including light blue, brown, green and pink.


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