How To Draw Billie Eilish -

How To Draw Billie Eilish

How To Draw Billie Eilish

Although there are many talented musicians in the world, few achieve such remarkable success at such an early age like Billie Eilish.

She combines a dark edge with unique lyrics and music, and has gained fans from all walks of the globe.

Her visual style is also distinctive, which can make it enjoyable to learn how Billie Eilish draws to show admiration.

It can be difficult to draw a person, but a guide can help you get started.

This step-by–step guide will teach you how to draw Billie Eilish.

1st Step:

We will begin with her outline for the first step in our guide on drawing Billie Eilish.

To make the image more stylistic, she will be in a large circle shape. However, her top will peek out from the top.

The outline of the circle will be also affected by the strings that hang from her hoodie.

We can now draw her hair’s outline with this information in mind. For the top of her hair, we will use curved lines that connect to each other.

Next, we’ll draw the dangling strings we talked about earlier. Now you can move on to step 2.

2nd Step:

Once you’ve completed the outline, it is time to start adding details to this part of your Billie Eilish sketch.

Simply add more curve lines to the area where you began the hair’s outline in the previous section of the guide. This will give your hair more detail.

3rd Step:

Now that you have finished the bun, we will now draw her hair down using our step-by-step guide to drawing Billie Eilish.

You can draw more curves to make these lines. However, these lines will be longer and more flowing than those for the bun.

A curvy, long strand will be visible at the top of her hair. It will drop down to the bottom of her hair.

Next, draw her facial details. Let’s move on!

4th Step:

Drawing eyes of a human can be difficult, even for the most experienced of artists.

Next, create more hair strands by using curving lines.

Make small shapes to place her eyebrows higher than her eyes. Next, we’ll focus on the eyes.

Billie has very distinct eyes. You will need to replicate the lines in the reference image.

For the final step, draw some thin, small lines on her nose.

5th Step:

The final steps in our guide to drawing Billie Eilish will see us adding details before we color her in. We will first be drawing some rounded lines below her nose for her lips.

The final touch to her face is to add her chin below it. Try to draw the face according to the reference photo.

This will complete Billie’s face. Next, we will add some waves to the hoodie she is wearing.

This will complete your Billie Eilish sketch. But, you don’t need to stop there. To personalize your drawing, you can add background details such as shapes and other images.

You might be able to draw covers for your favorite album or make some changes to your own details.

How do you finish this drawing before adding colors?

6th Step:

This is the final part of our guide, and we will be done with this Billie Eilish illustration.

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