In this article, we’ll attempt to draw another legend from the world of rap. As you can see, we’re talking about the famous Notorious B.I.G. He is also often referred to by his stage name Biggie Smalls. Recently, we created an instructional video on drawing 2Pac. We were unable to draw another famous rapper. Let’s begin this lesson in order to discover what it takes to draw Biggie Smalls.

Step 1

We must first focus on the stickman. There are stickmen of tall men, with broad chests. Therefore, we draw the head in a round shape along with the back. Along this line, we draw the chest, which is wide and powerful, as well as the pelvis, which is wide. Draw out legs and arms as shown in our illustration.


Step 2

For drawing The Notorious B.I.G. correctly, we need to give some extra bulk to the figure. We begin by sketching out a pretty big torso. Next, we sketch a neck that appears like a small cylinder. Next, we outline beautiful large legs and arms. Don’t forget to draw two cross-line lines across the facial features. This will serve as a good reference for drawing facial features.


Step 3.

We will draw the contours of the most basic features using very thin lines. The first step is to outline the facial features and the hat. Then, we outline the line lines of the costume. There are wide-legged jackets and wide pants. It is crucial to ensure that the lines on the initial steps are made extremely light, to allow them to be erased later. Make use of body contours for example. Be aware that your clothes must appear very large.


Step 4

The final contours at this point. Make sure that the final lines of the drawing should be drawn with sharp as well as dark-colored lines. We will then be careful to trace the contours of the nose, eyes, and lips. The next step is to draw gloomy eyes and wrinkles. The final step is drawing the final lines for the cap.


Step 5

We continue our drawing tutorial on drawing Biggie Smalls. In this section, we’ll concentrate on the finer details that make up the physique. Draw the silhouette of the jacket, shirt, and tie. Draw the folds using the aid of lines that are short.


Step 6

Separately, we’ll draw a warm jacket that is a part of the other clothing. We will draw an elongated collar and a few folds that run along the length that make up the sleeves.


Step 7

In this stage, we remove any extra lines on the pants. We draw arrows onto the pants as well as folds appear on the fabric. The folds are on the medial side of the knees and near the feet. Let’s now move to the next step to complete the Biggie smalls drawings.


Step 8

It appears that the Biggie Drawing of the Smalls is nearly completed, and we have only drawn a few shadows. By using light-wide hatching, we draw shadows in places where the light doesn’t fall. To darken the shadows you can apply another layer of hatching. It is also possible to alter to make your Biggie Smalls drawing. You can alter his clothing and draw the crown over the head.



We’re hoping there are many lovers of rap in your dear readers. This lesson teaches you to draw Biggie Smalls, especially for you. We hope that you can draw an excellent drawing. This article is the last one in which we offer our sincere respect to Biggie Smalls and his fans. His music is truly timeless.

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