How to Draw Bigfoot

In this simple tutorial, the team at will teach you what to draw the image of a Bigfoot. The basic principles for drawing Bigfoot are similar to drawing a typical individual. However, there are some significant nuances we’ll discuss in this tutorial on drawing Bigfoot.

Step 1

Similar to human drawing, you need to draw the chest, head, and pelvis. They must be drawn as ovals. After that, you should connect these areas with the lines of the spine. Using similar lines, depict limbs. Hands should be larger and legs should be shorter than humans.




Step 2

Draw the centerline of the face as well as the lines of the eyes that should be more than that of an individual. Then, draw a broad and narrow neck as well as an upper torso that has high shoulders.




Step 3

Then, draw the elbow and shoulder joints in the shape of balls. Draw your upper and lower portions of the arms into the shape of cylindrical shapes. Make sure to include hands that are clenched into fists.




Step 4

Make use of identical balls when drawing knees. Then, sketch the legs’ upper and lower in the same way as the artists of did. Make sure to include the feet.




Step 5

This is where we will need the lines of the head that were drawn in the next stage. Draw the entire thing in the same way as the artists from have done with the drawing below. Bigfoot’s face must be able to combine the characteristics of both a human and an ape.




Step 6

In this step, we complete the head of the bigfoot by drawing the contours of the upper and lower parts as well as the jaw. Don’t forget to draw ears that should appear somewhat monkey-like.




Step 7

Now, let’s create the form of the body. To make the torso appear more real, apply many small patterns to produce a fur-like texture.




Step 8

Utilizing exactly the same lines, sketch the fur texture of the arms. Complete the eighth stage by drawing the parts that are visible that make up the hands.




Step 9

The stage will be identical to the previous stage. Utilizing a lot of short lines, illustrate the fur’s texture in the legs. Finish the ninth stage by drawing the feet.




Step 10

It’s time to put away the pencils and grab an eraser since in the tenth phase we’ll make sure to rid the bigfoot drawing of unneeded guidelines.




Step 11

Take your preferred colors and draw the large foot using shades of white or brown as no one can tell what kind of creature these bizarre creatures could appear (and sure enough, as we all know they don’t exist).




The method of drawing bigfoot was easy We believe that everyone who visits is able to learn the process of drawing this magnificent creature.

Did you find the step-by-step instructions for drawing yeti clear and easy to follow? If so, send us a note about it. If it’s you don’t, write us anyway since your opinions are extremely important to us.

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