How to Draw Big Ben -

How to Draw Big Ben

How to Draw Big Ben

There are so many things to see in London that you must see when you visit. There are many amazing sights to see, from Buckingham Palace to London Eye.

Big Ben is undoubtedly the most well-known and easily recognized of all of them.

This iconic clock tower is part of the Palace of Westminster. It has been a symbol of London for many decades and is an iconic tourist attraction.

Many people who love this city enjoy learning how to draw Big Ben in order to express their admiration.

This tutorial is a must-see if you love the city and this landmark.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw Big Ben in 6 simple steps.

1st Step:

It may seem daunting to draw such a detailed and iconic landmark, but it is possible! We will simplify it by breaking it down into smaller steps.

We will start with simple shapes for the first steps of this guide to drawing Big Ben. We will now focus on the lower sections.

Two squared shapes will be created by using straight lines. The upper edges will have thick rims. These should look like the reference image.

Also, the upper section should be slightly smaller than that of the bottom! Once these have been drawn, you can move on to the next step.

2nd Step:

This Big Ben drawing was created with two squared sections. You should not have any problems adding another section to the image during this second step.

Simply add another squared section to the top of your first two. This one will be approximately the same width as its predecessor and will have identical rims on either side.

Once you have completed the third section, you can move on to step 3.

3rd Step:

We have one more section to draw before adding more complex elements to the image.

The width of this one will be identical to the other two, however there will be a slight difference in the latest section.

The only difference is that the rims at top edges will be joined with a straight horizontal line.

This is because the squared section that will be followed by the sloped roof will be the last before we begin the next step.

4th Step:

This part, as mentioned in the previous step, will be used to begin the roof of the tower.

These will have thin vertical sections at the base of the roof and then a triangular section higher up.

Next, create a small rectangle section with two straight lines that form a pointy tip.

If you find this confusing, the reference image will help you guide you.

5th Step:

This tower’s main outline is now complete. We will now focus on the finer details.

For the clock face, first draw a circle around the tower’s upper sections. Soon enough, we will add more details.

Next, connect the various rims you created at the top of each squared section with small squared shapes or straight lines.

For spires, draw some thin, vertical lines near the top.

6th Step:

We can add finer details to this Big Ben drawing.

Draw a second circle within the clock face. Next, add lines to the clock’s edge. The thick hands can be drawn as well.

Next, draw vertical lines along the inner edges of each squared shape. Finish this step by adding some pointed shapes to the base of your clock tower.

7th Step:

Although this step of may seem complicated, it is actually quite simple. This step will require you to draw thick lines inside each section.

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