How to Draw Bendy

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Bendy using an episodic game called Bendy and the Ink Machine.

This character looks just like he grew up in cartoons from his 20s-30s. We will be showing you some of the interesting techniques used by early 20th-century multipliers when drawing Bendy.


How to draw Bendy

Step 1

First, draw a large circle around the head. Next, draw an oval to represent the torso. The early 20th-century cartoons featured large heads and small bodies for the characters.




Step 2

Draw an arched line at the top of your head. Next, trace the outline of the face below. Bendy is a bit like Mickey Mouse in the 30s.




Step 3

Let’s now draw the eyes and get to work on the details. They are somewhat like Pacman.




Step 4

Draw the outline of your mouth. It should look like a bean. Draw the teeth within this shape using a series of vertically short lines.




Step 5

Draw a bow from the top of your torso. Cartoon characters from the 20s to 30s often had no neck. The head seemed to hover above the torso.




Step 6

Draw the arms with long, curving lines. As they move closer to the wrists, the arms should become slightly wider. The gloves should be drawn at the bottom.




Step 7

Draw the hands in the following example. Cartoons often show characters with four fingers. Cartoons with five fingers would be too artificial. Characters with four fingers are more appealing to us.




Step 8

Draw oval patterns on the palms, another famous feature for cartoons. This is done on gloves to make it clear that they are gloves and not bare hands.




Step 9

Draw Bendy’s legs using four straight lines. Draw the upper edges of Bendy’s boots in the same step.




Step 10

Draw the boots carefully as illustrated in the example provided by our artists. To make cartoon characters more human, they wear boots. These humanized characters make cartoons more enjoyable to view.




Step 11

Now it is time to finish your drawing. You should remove all unnecessary lines from your Bendy drawing. You can also trace Bendy with darker lines to make it more cartoonish and expressive.




Step 12

Use black and orange colors to color your Bendy drawings. This is the color palette used by the creators of the Bendy game and the ink machine game.




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