We are awestruck by Futurama and that’s why we have decided to sketch the best well-known character from this animated show. So, let’s get started on withdrawing instructions on drawing Bender of Futurama.

Step 1
Then, you must sketch out the outline for the head and the torso as they are shown in the example.

Step 2
Now, let’s sketch the contours of the mouth as well as the opening to the eyes.

Step 3
Then, at the top of your head, draw an antenna. Then draw frowning eyes as well as a line of “teeth.”

Step 4
The next step is to make the arms of our charming robot.

Step 5
We begin just below the surface and trace out the outline of their legs of Bender.

Step 6
Then, remove any unnecessary guidelines from Bender’s body. Draw an opening on the chest, and draw cross lines on the legs and arms.

The lesson was drawing class on drawing Bender of Futurama. Which other characters from the animated series would you like to see featured on our website? Tell us about your thoughts in the comments section of this article, or on our social network pages.

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