In this drawing tutorial, we will tell you how to draw Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider. As you know, we are talking about a clone of Spider-Man.

Ben’s costume is very similar to Peter’s, but it has quite strong and noticeable differences. So let’s start this lesson and learn how to draw Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider.

Step 1

So, first, you need to sketch out the general shapes. First, draw an oval of the head, then using simple lines sketch out the torso, arms, and legs. Don’t try to draw these lines perfectly, these are just guidelines that will be removed in the next stages.

Step 2

Draw the lines of symmetry of the face. The vertical line will divide the face into two equal parts, and the horizontal line will show us the position of the eyes. Focusing on the lines from the previously drawn guidelines, add some volume to the torso and limbs. Sketch out the shoulders with round shapes, then sketch out the arms with cylinders. Next, draw the outlines of the torso.

Step 3

The legs also consist of cylinders. First, sketch out the thighs, then sketch out the rounded knees and shins. Please note that the shins should taper smoothly toward the bottom. Try to convey the turn of the legs and their position as accurately as possible. Sketch out the feet as shown in our example.

Step 4

In the previous step, you sketched the line of the eyes, and now it’s time to use it and draw the eyes. Their shape is well recognizable. They look like triangles, one side of which is smooth and slightly curved. Erase all guidelines from the face of Scarlet Spider. Sketch out the convex parts of the face, that is, the places where the nose, eyebrows, and cheekbones are. Try to give a realistic shape to the outlines of the head.

Step 5

This is where the differences between Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man begin. Using smooth lines draw the hoodie. First, draw the line for the hood. Then sketch out the torn sleeves and draw the line of the bottom of the hoodie.

Step 6

Make the lines of the hoodie smoother and darker. The contours should be torn at the bottom of the hoodie and around the shoulders. At the same stage, draw a spider logo on the chest (note that it is located diagonally). Add folds as shown in the example. Erase all guidelines from the torso to give this part a finished look.

Step 7

Using the construction lines drawn earlier, detail the arms and draw the outlines of the muscles. Pay special attention to the fingers. If you want to draw hands and fingers more correctly, visit our tutorial on how to draw hands. Don’t forget to draw web shooters on the wrists.

Step 8

Now take an eraser and carefully erase all construction lines from the arms. When erasing the guidelines, try not to touch the important lines of the drawing. Detail the web shooters as shown in our example.

Step 9

Draw the lower body. Carefully trace the outlines of the legs, depicting the muscles and erasing the construction lines. Add some details to the legs. Draw the belt first. Draw the straps and pockets on the ankles.

Step 10

Now add shadows to make Scarlet Spider more voluminous. They contrast, occupy a large area, and are similar to black spots. To draw comic-style shadows, first, draw the outlines of the shadows, then fill them with solid black. Use hatching to depict the transitions between light and shadow.

Today we learned to draw Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you like Marvel characters, then visit our tutorial on how to draw Wolverine.

There are many interesting and informative lessons on the Marvel Universe awaiting you ahead. Tell your friends about us and stay tuned.

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