How to Draw Ben 10 Aliens Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

The first step is easy because all you need to draw is sketch the guidelines and shapes that will make the frame for the Wildmutt. Begin with drawing a circle to represent his head with a sad-looking smile. Draw the other figures as shown in the image for the shoulders, torso, and forearms. Follow the directions that are attached to the drawings.

Step 2

Then, sketch the mouth first, including the large sharp teeth. Next, draw and form the left arm with the help of the claws as well as his hand. Once you’re finished make porcupine spikes on the upper part of your forearm and then bend the middle of your arm to create an exercise. Then draw the feet and legs of his figure and outline the details on the belly and chest.

Step 3.

In the final step, you’ll sketch the back spikes like you can see above and also in the line of spikes that are on his cheeks. Draw the remaining nail on his left, then proceed with the right hand to continue drawing. A bit more Wildmutt-like detail rather than erasing any guides or designs you sketched in step 1. This will clean your sketch.

Step 4

The final Wildmutt sketch will look like this when you’re finished. The only thing left is to paint him in and add some color. It’s now possible to connect two aliens together if you draw Ripjaw. That should work to follow this guide of drawing Ben 10. 10 is the Wildmutt.

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