How to Draw Ben 10 Alien Force Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw Armodrillo from Ben 10

Step 1

The drawing of Ben 10 will be a little bit of a task since Ben 10 is from the brand new Alien Force series. It’s best to begin the lesson in the same manner. Draw the design for the head, then apply guide lines to the face. Once you’re done, draw a vertical line to his neck. Attach it to the form of the upper part of his body or his torso. After that, draw the forms of his legs and his shoes.

Step 2

Before you begin drawing Ben’s hairstyle First, you’ll need to sketch his face. After that, draw an outline for his ears after which you can draw his whole hairstyle that you can see here. In the final step, you’ll need to draw the length of Ben’s neck, and then the collar of his jacket.

Step 3

You’re already in the second step. The first thing you’ll need to draw is Ben’s face beginning with his eyes that are a bit older Then draw his mouth, nose and add some lines inside the ear canals. It’s now time to draw the sleeves of his jacket that is also his arm. Then sketch the rest of his top clothes, including his t-shirt and outerwear. Do not forget to sketch to sketch the Omnitrix icon.

Step 4

Draw the outline of his legs long and make sure to outline lines, like folds and folds on the edges. Include an elongated crotch or zipper and then draw his hands in the same way as the one to the right side of the pocket of his bag. Make sure to add some details to your jacket’s sleeves and then you are ready to move onto the next stage.

Step 5

Yes, you read that right. This is the last sketching step. All you have to do is sketch his pants, and then draw his shoes. Clean up all the guidelines and forms you sketched in step 1 to tidy up your drawing until you’ve got a great picture to color.

Step 6

Here’s the new and improved Ben 10 from the new Alien Force series. Coloring him and you’ll have yourself a complete illustration that features one of Cartoon Networks’ most popular characters.

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