How To Draw Belle And Beast from Beauty and the beast

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Draw the head guides first, then draw the guides for Belle’s face and torso.

Step 2
Let’s begin the Beast’s visage. Create an angle of the nose and forehead and then draw hairy lips over.

Step 3
Then, draw thick, hairy eyebrows. Finally, draw the outline of the face as well as the lip together with the cheek hair and beard.

Step 4
Beast is the most difficult figure to sketch in the lesson Take time when you begin the challenge. Draw its horns and create the hairy part of the head, or the puffy hair. It is evident that, his mane is combed and is tied back. Make sure to add his ears.

Step 5
Finalize Beast with a huge body that is covered in his mantle. Incorporate seams to make the jacket’s style and create his puffy tie between the pins.

Step 6
The next step is to draw Belle. Begin by drawing sketching out a rough drawing of the face as this, then draw the hairline in which her face appears. You can also add a tiny pearl earring.

Step 7
Draw and color your eyebrows. Then, add beautiful nostrils, eyes or noses and finally, lips.

Step 8
The rest of her hair should be drawn into the form of a bun. Make sure to add details to her hairstyle. Make sure she has hair that is positioned across her shoulders.

Step 9
Then, draw the neck, a neckline and cuffs for the dress. The girl is holding by Beast and you’ll need to take his fingers out of his hands and also. Remove the basic principles and errors that you’ve made by following the lessons.

Step 10
After your mission is over and you have completed your quest, a sketch that depicts Belle along with the Beast will be created similar to the image you see. The two characters can be colored to create a stunning background.

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