How To Draw Bella Swan Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Begin this process by drawing an enormous circle to represent Bella’s head shape and then apply guides to her face , as you can will see the ones here.

Step 2
Then, you’ll outline the front of the hair as you can see here. Make sure to include some jagged lines in order to show the hair hair’s strands. Make a line of wavy lines along the other aspect of her face to create the long hairstyle. Then draw eye lines using the guides for the face you created in the first step. Draw a lining for her nostrils, nose and mouth, or upper lip.

Step 3
The outline will start to reveal more hair lines and also the actual appearance of the head. Also, make sure to add lines along the hair strands, but do not make them all straight. Bella has hair that is wavy, so the lines you draw will be wavy from time to time. Draw the shape of her eyebrows as well as all the other eyes. You can draw a long line over the eye , to highlight the eyelid. Make sure that her lips are closed and draw the shape of her face.

Step 4
You’re nearly done in you Bella Swan drawing. What I would like you to do is draw more hair lines so that you can add more details and strokes on her hair. Then, add the eyebrows with some shade. then draw her eyes and make them more defined. It is best to leave a small amount of white so that you can create the appearance of glossy. Draw her neckline, and then proceed to the last drawing step.

Step 5
This is the last drawing stage and, as it appears, you’ll sketch out other hairline lines to give some body and the appearance. The shade that covers the left face is light like you can see. However, before you do any shading, it is necessary to erase the shapes and principles you sketched in step 1.

Step 6
After that, you’ll have a sketch that is similar to this one. All you need to do is paint her face and you’ve learnt how to sketch Bella Swan from Twilight step by step. This is an enjoyable lesson that you can share with the whole group.

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