How To Draw Beetlejuice Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Let’s begin with the instructions for the head and body. This will allow us to draw the Beetlejuice’s body in the way we like.

Step 2
Use the tip guide that you have just created to outline the actual face shape, including the bump at the cheek.

Step 3
Next, we’ll use paths to draw the faces. Start with prominent eyebrows. After that, draw his eyes, pupils, nose, and eyeballs. To give the face more personality, add wrinkles to the forehead and eyelids to create a fully opened eye.

How To Draw Beetlejuice Step by Step

Step 4
We’ll then give him decayed teeth, and then draw the molds for his face. Beetlejuice is a character who speaks for himself. You can tell what kind of vampire this guy is by just looking at him.

Step 5
Let’s now draw his signature hairstyle. His hair looks almost like it was electrocuted. That’s why it’s growing longer.

Step 6
After the hair and face are done, let’s begin to make his top. Begin with the shoulders. The arms should be next. Once you are done, paint your jacket’s lapels. The buttons on his jacket are at the bottom. It’s therefore closed.

Step 7
Next, you’ll draw your nails and then your hands. Once you are done, draw stripes on the jacket.

Step 8
The length of your jacket should be drawn. Once you’re done, draw his pants or legs. Then, add his shoes or legs.

Step 9
We will then draw his tie, and the rest of his stripes on his pants and jacket. If you have any mistakes, please erase them and provide instructions.

Step 10
When you are done, this is the final line. Have fun coloring him. Make sure to send me your finished drawing so that I can review it.

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