It’s a nice time of the day Dear artists! In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach you how you can draw headphones from Beats. In earlier drawing lessons, we showed our readers ways to draw headphones using the model of Beats However, this lesson will be devoted to the Beats By Dre headphones.
Step 1
Similar to the drawing class on headphones, let’s sketch the outline of headphones using gentle lines. The outline is comprised of ears and the arc which connects them.
Step 2
Then, using black and clear lines, sketch out the internal components of the ear pads.
Step 3
Continue to draw the lesson on drawing Beats headphones. In this case, we will only draw the outer part of the earpads.
Step 4
Draw the outermost portion of the headphones by using straight lines. Draw your Beats by the Dre logo and proceed to step 2.
Step 5
Utilizing straight and curly lines create a long arc that connects the ears. Incorporate some details and move on to the next step.
Step 6
Then, on the final step of this drawing tutorial on drawing Beats headphones in which we just have to draw shadows with the help of traditional hatching.

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