Dear artists and fans of comic books We will teach the readers the art of drawing Beast of X-Men. Beast is the real name of Henry Philip Hank McCoy – a comic book character from Marvel Comics, a member of the superheroes-mutant group known as X-Men. The Beast was created by writers Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby and first appeared in the issue of X-Men No. 1 in September 1963.

Step 1  In the beginning, always draws the outline of the character. However, unlike the skeleton of a normal man, the body of the Beast should be larger. Therefore sketch the head as the shape of an oval. Then draw the chest, spine, and pelvis. Make sure that all the lines drawn in the first step must be soft.

Step 2  Let’s increase the volume of our face However, first, we should create lines of facial symmetry. The horizontal lines will assist us to draw the eyes. The vertical line will assist us to find what is the central point of our face. Then, draw the outline of the torso which is narrower towards the waist.

Step 3  Let’s look at the legs. Draw out the shoulders using the form of big circles. Then, draw the arms using the aid of modified cylindrical shapes. Draw the fingers comprised of fingers and palms. Draw out the knees, legs, and legs in the shape of circles, and feet.

Step 4  The horizontal line we traced from the second step, draw the eyes using frowning eyebrows over the eyes. Make wrinkles in the forehead as well as beneath the eyes. Then draw the nose onto the vertical side and draw the mouth clenched with teeth.

Step 5 We are now drawing the head of the Beast. We begin by drawing out the cheekbones and a wide chin. Then create the iconic hairstyle as well as side whiskers that are identical in appearance to Wolverine’s hairstyle. Draw the ears before moving on ahead to step.

Step 6  Let’s now move to the body of our Beast. First, we draw large trapezoid muscles. Then draw the pectoral muscles, and abdominal muscles. Eliminate all unnecessary lines from the torso before moving ahead to the following step.

Step 7  We’ll draw arms for Beast. Start with the shoulders and begin drawing them wide and round. Move to the lower part of the body and draw the triceps, biceps, and forearms. After the workout, draw hands that are big.

Step 8  Following the same procedure, use the same method to draw out your legs. Take care to draw the muscles as well as the knees and feet. Keep in mind how the feet in Beast can be human or have a similarity to the feet of monkeys. Draw the shorts and move on to the end of the course on drawing Beast of X-Men.

Step 9  Paint the hair with short strokes. Leave the hair with a highlight. Then, let’s create shadows. Draw lines for the shadow’s contours as illustrated in our illustration. Paint these contours using shading or a dense black color (for instance, in tutorials on Spider-Man as well as Iron Man).

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