How to Draw BB-8

How to Draw BB-8

Step one:

Begin by drawing a perfect circle to form to form the body sphere-shaped Droid, as shown.

Step two:

Once you’ve finished, you are able to draw the remaining circles around the ball that are more like bands than single-lined circles.

Step three:

The construction design should be added to the interiors on each of the circles. It should be all mathematical appearance and not look like anything else.

Step four:

Then we will add seam lines that run throughout the body of BB-8 and then we will add smaller circles to make the holes for operation.

Step five:

The drawing is almost complete. This is where you draw the head with a dome shape, then the eyepieces or lenses that are placed on your face.

Step five:

In this step , you can sketch the final details. You’ll notice that BB-8 appears like R2-D2 or at least the head at the very the very least. After you’ve finished, erase the mistakes.

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