How To Draw Bb-8 from Star Wars

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Begin by drawing a perfect circle to form the body of a Droid globe.

Step 2

After that, you are able to draw more circles on the ball, similar to bands, and then draw single circles.

Step 3

Include a construction design to the outside of every circle. This should be entirely technical.

Step 4

We’ll then put seams throughout the body of the BB-8, and create smaller circles to serve as holes for manipulation.

Step 5

It’s almost over. This is where you draw in your head the dome then the eyepieces, or lenses, in the face.

Step 6

In this stage, you should sketch out the rest of the specifics. You’ll notice that BB-8’s appearance similar to R2-D2 at least in the head. Once you’re done, simply erase the error.

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