How to Draw Baymax

This drawing guide will show you how to draw Baymax.

Baymax: Who are you? Let’s recall the cartoon “City of Heroes” to help us answer this question. Baymax was the name of an inflatable medical robot found there. He has a built-in scanner that can read body temperature and pressure and assess the severity of pain. It can also treat almost any condition.


How to Draw Baymax

Step 1: Sketch the contours of the Torso

It is soft and round and looks bulky but it can also turn at super speed. This is why this guy is part of the superhero team. Draw an oval, and then round it to make it look like an egg.



Step 2 – Sketch Baymax’s Head

Although Baymax looks like a toy you can curl with your hands, the cartoon depicts Baymax as a robot. His image shows that American and Japanese cultures mix, so the robot should be unique. Let’s draw a second oval over the one from the previous step. This is Baymax’s head. It’s small and flattened. The eyes of the robot are made up of two dots in bold, with a line drawn connecting them. This is a clever antenna, perhaps?




Step 3 – Draw Baymax’s hands

Baymax’s arms look just like his body. They are long and round. Attach the torso to Baymax’s arms by drawing two oval shapes on each side. Although it is easy to imagine this robot being sad and drooping you should not. Baymax is a combination of Western self-esteem and Eastern philosophical sadness.




Step 4 – Draw Baymax’s legs

Our robot’s legs have the same rounded shape. Our drawing now looks almost like a cartoon bear. Draw the legs in the form of a lot kettle. You can see that our character has strong legs, but they are short.




Step 5 – Sketch Baymax’s Palms

Baymax’s fingers look like levers. Three lever fingers are drawn and placed in a circle. This mechanism can be used to perform many manipulations. Baymax’s fingers should be kept short and voluminous.




Step 6 – Sketch Baymax’s Details

Let’s create a logo for our company. Perhaps the author would have written something on the robot, such as a signature or a warning. This logo could indicate something important. Draw a circle around the chest’s right side. The circle should contain a pattern that is similar to the house.




Step 7 Color Baymax

It was amazing how quickly the lesson ended! Our lesson was over in no time. We did not even have the opportunity to talk about the backstory of our character as is often the case with our mini-tutorials. We are now ready to let Baymax go to San Francisco. Make sure to color your artwork. Mix dark lavender with gray and fill the robot’s main areas with the color mixture.




We’re sure that you can create amazing art. We listened to your requests and created step-by-step drawing instructions for a variety of videogames and comics. We hope you find this guide useful. We welcome your feedback as it will help us improve!

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