It is not difficult to learn to draw Batman’s face. In this seven-step instruction, we will explain the procedure in the clearest and most straightforward manner. In the long-running history of comics featuring Batman and the Dark Knight, there were a number of different styles as each artist views Batman in his unique way.

Step 1

Let’s draw Batman’s face using the iconic oval. The geometric shape is drawn to provide a foundation for drawing the next one and avoid confusion regarding what proportions the face drawing will take. In the initial step, you will draw the neck and jaw just like the artists from



Step 2

These lines should cross exactly in the middle of the face, within your nasal bridge. The horizontal lines make two lines of short length that mark where the eyes are located. In the vertical direction draw the nose as well as the mouth using two similar short lines.


Step 3

We can begin to add the most obvious particulars in the Batman head sketch. In this instance we’ll be assisted by the lines we sketched in the second step. The first step is to mark the eyes using eyes that are frowning. Then, draw your mask’s opening as well as the mouth.


Step 4

Continue to add more details on the Batman head sketch. Take care to create a huge and strong jaw. Draw the lower lip in those lines that are wrinkled (this is, of course, the aspect of the mask, that is designed to look like wrinkles). Draw horns with sharp and long horns and shoulders. Horns, for instance, may be shorter when you draw Batman with the style of Dick Sprang or Frank Miller.


Step 5

Now we can begin to draw all the details for Batman’s face. We will begin with the eyes and draw their outline, then draw the frowning eyes and wrinkles around the eyes and around the face. Make sure you mark the lines of wrinkles in between the eyebrows, creating an impressive and serious appearance.


Step 6

Next, draw the outline of the neck as well as the muscles that make up the neck. In the sixth step, we finish by removing all instructions from your Batman neck drawing.


Step 7

In the beginning, the traditional way we will define the light source. In this case, it’s located on the upper right. This is why we apply shadows by using hatching. The shadows that are properly applied should highlight every detail in the sketch.


We hope that the instructions on drawing Batman’s face didn’t seem too daunting for you. However, if you experience any issues during the process of drawing Batman’s mask, make sure to tell us about it in the comments section of this article.


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