Hello! Today we sketch one of the most important characters of the DC universe Batman! Batman! Batman first made an appearance in 1939’s Detective Comics #27. Since then, Batman has appeared in lots of movies, comics, and cartoons as well as games.

Let’s find out about drawing Batman!

Step 1
Similar to earlier drawing tutorials for drawing Superman We begin this lesson by drawing an illustration of Stickman. With an oval, trace the head. With a line that is short drawing the neck. With a line, draw the spine. Be aware that the height of the spine is the sum of the two heads’ heights. Draw the arms and legs in the manner we have shown below.

Step 2
With two lines, draw the face in our illustration. The vertical line represents the central point of the face and the horizontal line can assist us in drawing the eyes. Above the horizontal lines trace those lines that represent the mouth and nose. Through a few lines, trace the guides for the bat’s ears. By using a cylinder, draw the neck.

Step 3
Continue the drawing of Batman. Draw the outline of the torso as in our illustration. Draw the lines of the pectoral muscle. By drawing circles, draw the shoulders. By drawing the arms using cylinders. Draw out the hands then move on to the next stage.

Step 4
Then repeat the process by using just the lower half of the torso and the legs of Batman. Outline the triangular pelvis as shown in the image below. Utilizing cylinders, create the leg. By drawing circles, make the knees. The basic forms of Batman are done, in the next step we’ll begin adding details.

Step 5
In this step, we draw the face of Batman. Following the instructions from the previous step, draw the eyes and mask of Batman. Draw the eyes, which are located on the vertical line of the previous step. Make the opening for the face. The upper part of the opening starts with the line that runs through the nostril. The lower portion of this opening forms the chin line. Draw the mouth and nose as we did in our example. Draw the cape as well as the batman logo.

Step 6
Eliminate the guidelines from your heads and shoulders. Mark the lines to smooth them and neat, like the image below. The batman logo is outlined with lines. batman’s logo is shown in the illustration below. After this, we begin to erase the lines and smoothen the lines, and neat them.

Step 7
Remove the guidelines and begin to draw circles around the lines. With a couple of curved lines and your pectoral muscle. Drawing the line of abdominal muscles. Then, remove your pelvis’ guideline and draw a large belt with a buckle as well as a number of pockets.

Step 8
Draw the proper anatomical shape for the arms, like in the illustration below. The biceps are the largest muscles as well as the triceps. Sketch the muscle lines in the arms. Draw the hand like the illustration below. If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit our drawing lesson on drawing hands.

Step 9
Remove the guideline and any unnecessary strokes off the legs. Draw those lines on the legs to smooth them and neat, similar to our illustration. Make sure to draw your knees and the lines of muscles. Draw the high-heeled batman shoes, and folds them on the shoes and legs. The lines of the cape are circling. cape.

This was a drawing lesson about the art of drawing Batman step-by-step. We hope that this lesson was useful and interesting for you. Draw Batman from various angles and different positions, to enhance your drawing abilities. Goodbye!

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