Hello! We’ve got a new drawing tutorial. The focus of this lesson is drawing Bart Simpson. Bart is one of the major characters from the legendary cartoon that is well-known to everyone (despite it being true that the Simpsons are now sad). However, in the years 1995 – the year 2004 Bart was, as with all the characters from Springfield vibrant and memorable.

Step 1
The other day Homer said to Lisa that it was made of circles. It could have been in the episode where Lisa was suffering from anorexia.

Here are some thoughts on drawing. In this step, we draw a large circle in the upper part of the chart. Following that, you draw 2 lines that which look similar to the top portion of the hourglass.

Step 2
Okay, let’s draw a circle again and two lines on the bottom part of the drawing. Now, the drawing looks more like an hourglass.

Step 3
By using these circles (again) draw the eyes. After that, draw the nose. It looks like a sausage. Take note of the position of the nose with respect to the eyes.

Step 4
Let’s draw the contours for the mandible and the maxilla. You can clearly see that these areas of the face are drawn by a single line with smooth contours. To facilitate your use we have highlighted the area in red:

Remember to take care of your ears and teeth. The image of this procedure without a mark:

Step 5
Remove the lines that are not necessary from the face of the Bart. Draw the upper half of the head as well as the body. Do not forget to draw the pupils. Also, in this step, we draw hands that look like mushrooms.

Step 6
In this stage, we create the hero’s legs. The first step is to draw the short leg and the contours of this piece of clothing has is drawn through straight lines. Next, draw the shoes.

Step 7
In this stage, we have a finished image. To achieve this, you must remove all unnecessary lines left from the previous step.

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