How To Draw Barney The Dinosaur -

How To Draw Barney The Dinosaur

How To Draw Barney The Dinosaur

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

In the initial stage, you’ll like always is draw the guidelines and shapes to make an erect frame for Barney. Begin by drawing a big circle around his head, aligned with the guide lines that are drawn on his face. Then, draw the form of his body, so that it resembles what an avocado would look like. Based on the shapes that you sketched and then trace the lines that guide his legs and arms. These lines can be used to create additional designs for hands and feet.

Step 2
Then, you’ll begin drawing the facial features of your child. Begin by drawing two circles around his eyes. Then use his facial guide to sketch the outline of his nose as well as the open smiling mouth. Then on the left side, draw his hand and the portion of his arm in the manner shown. Repeat the same process for the right arm. Scroll down your sketch and draw the form of a gigantic dinosaur’s leg and foot and a circular nail.

Step 3
You can clearly see you can see, you can see that your Barney is now a shape. The next step is to draw his eyeballs as well as the lining in his mouth to create Barney’s teeth. We’ll show you below. Draw the upper part of his left arm , along with the lining to create his right and left legs. Above the belly’s bottom make a hook-like line to gauge the shape that the stomach is. The right side of the foot, draw and form it out. Then draw his toenails, too.

Step 4
The only thing left now is draw his right hand and arm. Draw small curves along each side of his stomach, starting beneath his jaw. Finally, draw its long tail. It is now time to erase all forms and guides you sketched in step 1. They helped the drawing of Barney.

Step 5
This is your drawing of how Barney will appear like once you’re finished. The only thing left to do is paint the drawing. That’s all you need to do for this step-by-step sketch Barney tutorial.

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