Which is the biggest and most well-known doll ever? It was popular throughout the world. A lot of us have played or are currently playing with the doll. For today’s drawing lesson the team at have decided to teach the viewers the art of drawing Barbie step-by-step.

Step 1
Barbie is created by incorporating most of the features in the body of a human. Draw the head as a shape in the shape of an oval. The lower part of the drawing depicts the spine, where the pelvis and thorax are situated.

Step 2
Draw two lines that meet in the middle of the face. This is which is where the bridge of the nose is. The neck should be drawn as a circular shape.

Draw out arms in the shape of cylinders, and shoulders that are in the shape of circles.

Step 3
Draw the hair’s outlines on our doll. We draw a little lower the nose, which is small and has plump lips. If your Barbie sketch is similar to this one, you’re doing it right.

Step 4
Let’s get to the finer details. Draw out the contours of the pupils and eyes. We will make the lines of the lips and the nose sleek and clean.

Step 5
Let’s now take care of her hair. Add long and thin lines to give the hair a more realistic appearance.

Step 6
After removing the guidelines, trace the body on our Barbie.

Step 7
Continue drawing Barbie. Make a sketch of the sleeves and include some folds. Draw the line of arms clear and neat. At the end of each step, sketch out all the fingers. If everything went as planned and you’re able to draw them, your Barbie drawing should look like this.

Step 8
We’ll now look at the lower part of our Barbie. In continuation with the lines drawn on the body trace the lower portion in the skirt. Include the required wrinkles. Barbie drawing.

Step 9
To make the Barbie drawing more dimension it is necessary to include shadows. They are created using hatching and are placed in areas where light is not falling. To darken the shadows simply apply a few layers of hatching on top of the initial layer.


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