How to Draw Bangs Step By Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw Poses Step By Step

Let’s draw bangs for you within a matter of minutes. Follow the steps to take to the board:

The first question is to determine if you have the required resources to help you learn. Sharpener, pencil, eraser along with some paper. Like we mentioned before, the more you practice, the better you’ll learn.

Let’s begin with the fundamental necessity, which is to draw a form in which the bangs will appear later. Face. It is possible to create any face shape you want, but I prefer the oval. Let’s create a face by drawing two ovals like in the photo.

For us to add more meaning to our drawing Let’s not forget to draw some facial expressions for our oval faces. Draw eyes, noses lips or mouth eyebrows and eyelashes (if you are able to) and check how much editing possible.Now you can begin using straight bangs. However, remember that it’s up to you to choose the best place to begin your sketch starting from where the contours or bangs begin. Below, we will outline some of the places you shouldn’t draw and some good spots to start.
We all know that hair is naturally shed. This is why you should begin drawing hair streaks. The basic contours will be drawn using pencil strokes to ensure we can erase them later if we need to.
In the direction of the head’s shape, begin drawing basic lines slightly towards the left and the right as illustrated in the illustration.
Finally you are able to join the short fringes/bangs in order to bring them to life and enhance their appearance.

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