How to draw banana

The banana is a acquainted fruit. In fact, it is one of the most vital meals vegetation in the world. Bananas develop in tropical regions, and the fruit is shipped all round the world.

Contrary to famous belief, bananas do not develop on trees. Banana vegetation are without a doubt massive herbs, and the trunk is made of the plant’s many leaf stems. Each banana plant may additionally produce a bunch of up to a hundred and fifty bananas.

Some human beings love them, some human beings hate them, however no remember which one it is notably lots everybody has considered or tried one at one factor or another.

Did you know? Each banana fruit is known as a “finger,” and clusters of bananas are known as “hands.”

After the fruit is harvested, the plant is reduce down as every stem produces simply one bunch of fruit. Then, extra stems will develop from the roots to shape new banana plants.

How do you consume your bananas? Many humans every them fresh, proper out of the peel. Others fry them or use them to make muffins such as pies.

In Micronesia, an island chain in the Pacific, banana rice is a frequent food. Sweet bananas are cooked, mashed, and combined with rice and coconut cream.

In the Dominican Republic and different South and Central American countries, inexperienced bananas known as plantains are boiled and eaten alongside with professional meat, beans, and rice. Banana leaves are additionally used to wrap meals such as tamales for cooking.

Bananas are from time to time depicted in best art, such as in the traditional bowl of fruit. In famous culture, bananas may also signify the favourite meals of caricature monkeys; they may additionally depart their peels in the back of for any one unwary to outing upon; or, they may also shape section of a comedic fruit hat, such as in the 2011 movie Rio.

How to draw banana Step-By-Step

You might look at a banana and assume that they are easy to draw, but it can actually be harder than expected to get them looking right.

The good news is that this step-by-step guide on how to draw a banana in 6 steps will show you that it’s easy when you know what to do!

1st Step:

Bananas have a very specific curvature to their design, so it’s no surprise that we are starting with that for this first step in how to draw a banana.

To begin, carefully draw what will look like a stretched-out, backward letter C. As you can see in the reference image, it’s not a totally smooth line and has some slight bends to it.

2nd Step:

With one side of your banana drawing done, we will draw the other one in this step. This side of the banana will have a slightly sharper curve to it than the previous line did.

Also, be sure to leave a small gap between the ends of the two lines, as we will be drawing some elements there shortly.

3rd Step:

You’ll be happy that you left those spaces between the lines in this step, as now we will be filling in the top one for your banana drawing.

This space will be occupied by the pointy stalk of the banana, however it actually has a somewhat flat end to it, as if it were cut off from the rest of the plant.

With that drawn, we can attend to the opposite end of the banana in the next step.

4th Step:

This part of our guide on how to draw a banana is pretty easy and simple. To finish this step, simply draw a small, curved line over the second space that we left earlier.

This will form the bottom of the banana and have you ready for some final details in the next step.

5th Step:

In the fifth step of your banana drawing, we shall finish it off with some final details before heading on to the last step.

For the details that we used to finish off our example, we used two thin lines going down the middle of the banana. This will help to give your banana more texture detail.

Before you proceed to the sixth step of the guide, you can add any extra details or elements that you would like before proceeding!

This is a step where you can really get creative with what you do. You could keep the extra details small, or get bigger and more ambitious with it.

Some ideas of what you could do would be to draw a monkey in the background eyeing the banana closely or draw a bunch of bananas that this one was plucked off of!

You could even create a classic still-life setting by drawing some other fruits like apples, grapes and oranges sitting in a bowl with this banana.

These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless! How will you put your own spin on your banana drawing?

6th Step:

The final part of this guide on how to draw a banana is all about letting loose and getting out your favorite colors and art tools to color in your drawing!

As we all know, bananas don’t exactly have a kaleidoscope of a color scheme, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative.

Even if you were to keep to the regular color scheme of a banana, there are ways to switch it up.

One way would be to use some paints to incorporate some greens and browns into the yellow to make the banana look either a bit ripe or a bit old.

If you drew any background elements, you could also color those in to further increase the color palette.

Keeping it realistic is just one option at your disposal though, and you could also create a brightly colored, more stylistic banana!

Once you’ve picked your colors, will you go for a more intense medium like acrylic paints or colored markers or perhaps something more subtle like watercolors?

Whatever you choose will look great, and we can’t wait to see what you do!

You have reached the cease of our step-by-step information on how to draw a banana, and that’s some thing to be proud of!

Getting a banana in the right structure can be tougher than it looks, however we hope that with this information you got here to see that it can be effortless and enjoyable to get it right.

The exciting is some distance from over, as now that you can draw a great-looking banana, it’s up to you to exhibit us how you can put your personal spin on it!

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