How to Draw Bamm Bamm from The Flintstones

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Beginning with the first step, you’ll draw out the directions and forms to create a stunning structure that will be used for Bam Bam. Begin by drawing a huge circle to frame the head. You can also sketch out some guidelines for the face. Then, draw the outline of his tiny body as depicted. The thing you’ll do is draw the guidelines that go along with the body’s shape and then draw on them the designs for his hands and feet.

Step 2

Now , as you will see in this step, Bam Bam will begin to shape itself. Starting from his topmost point, you can draw his long hair with the help of drawing his front bangs. Then draw his eyes as well as the mouth, nose and eyes. After that draw the loincloth of your toddler in the form you sketched for the body in step one. Draw both of the left and right arms, as well as the fingers. When your drawing is similar to the other, then move for the following step.

Step 3

This step is all about the small aspects and drawing both the right and left foot. Begin this step by drawing the hair on the head. Next, draw a thick eyebrow the chin, left ear and chin. Draw the design on his clothing and bones used to make buttons during Bedrock times. Draw the famous club, and all of his legs and feet.

Step 4

All you have to fill in is the information about Bam Bam’s bed where is where he’s sitting in a very comfortable position. After that remove all guidelines and the shapes you created in step 1. It seems like a simple task Isn’t it.

Step 5

Here’s the final version of Bam Bam will appear like once you’re finished. The only thing left is color it and personalize it to your liking. What’s that? Easy? You’ve just completed the tutorial on drawing Bam Bam Rubble from Flintstones. Good job!

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