How to draw Badgerclops using Mao Mao

How to draw Badgerclops using Mao Mao

Step 1:

Draw the guides for the arms, hands and head in circles.

Step 2:

The head should be defined and the ears should be included.

Step 3:

We can now give him a face. Next, draw the mask-like markings across his eyes. Then, draw a patch and nose. Finally, add whiskers.

Step 4:

All you need to do is place the utility belts and pouches on your body.

Step 5:

Draw out the arm and all of the lining and make the armor shape.

Step 6:

The body will be drawn in a round shape. Next, we’ll draw the foot and leg.

Step 7:

All you need to finish Badgerclops is the other arm, hand, and leg. For the brittle texture on his body, add the scratches to the surface. You can now erase all mistakes.

Step 8:

All you need to do now is color him. I hope Badgerclops was enjoyable to draw.

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