This tutorial will teach you how to draw the bad wolf. This tutorial will help you draw a wolf’s face or a whole wolf.

Drawing a dog’s and a wolf’s faces is very similar. This is not a coincidence, as these animals are very similar in nature.

Although this lesson will show you how to draw a wolf’s face, it will make your head look very real.

Step 1

To avoid being misled and draw the wolf’s head accurately, you must first sketch the basic outline. You can draw a circle using light movements of your hands, but don’t try to make it perfect. Next, draw two lines that intersect at the top of the circle.


Step 2

Draw the eyes using the horizontal line you created earlier. The upper eyelid should be drawn first, followed by the lower. Next, draw the outline of the pupils. You can then examine the sketch through a mirror or by moving away from it for a quick check of its proportionality.

Step 3

Add the nose of the Wolf. Begin by drawing the outline of the nose. Next, draw small nostrils using a pair of simple lines. You can view our tutorial How to Draw a Dog’s Nose to see how they are drawn.

Step 4

Now, it’s time for the mouth to be added. Start by drawing the outline of the upper lip using a pair of curved lines. Next, draw the visible portion of the chin using short lines. A small portion of fur texture should be added just below the chin. You should have the left and right sides of your mouth symmetrical.

Step 5

You can make the wolf’s face more vibrant and expressive by adding a few details. Begin by drawing the outline of the cheekbones, bridge, and nose. Next, add small folds to the top and bottom of the eyes. You can also add texture to the hair by using many short strokes.

Step 6

The ears should be drawn at the top of your head. You can give the wolf’s face a natural appearance by creating the outline of the ears using a lot of lines. To avoid making mistakes, make sure you always check your work and compare it with our example.

Step 7

We have already mentioned that you must use lots of very short lines to create hair texture. These lines can be used to draw the outline of the head as illustrated in the example. The lines should be drawn from the roots up to the ends in order to make them more convincing.

Step 9

Use an eraser to carefully remove all construction lines from your artwork. Make sure to make the lines you need darker and more sharp. To give your artwork more life, add shadows. In our article on shadows and lights, we discussed what shadows are and how to draw them properly.

This was a lesson in drawing a wolf’s face, and we trust it didn’t seem too hard for you.

You can easily draw the entire body of a wolf by knowing how to draw its face. This instruction will allow you to draw a head for a shepherd or husky using the same instructions. These animals are very similar.

You can continue to learn how to draw animals by visiting our Animals category. Our team has published lessons on a variety of animals in this category, including bees and whales.


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