This tutorial will demonstrate and show how to draw the steps to draw a bad dog’s face. This is a thorough drawing of a dog’s face tutorial that can help in drawing a full dog.

This lesson will be based on a classical model in which you have to transition from simple forms to more complicated ones.

Dogs come in all kinds of varieties and come with distinct facial characteristics. In this guide, we’ll detail the most crucial elements, using the ability to depict a dog of any breed.

Let’s start the steps to draw a dog’s face.

Step 1

Begin drawing the face of our adorable animal using a simple ball. The simple geometric shape can serve as a great reference point from which all the specifics will be sketched later. Then, draw some intersecting lines that can make it easier to not be confused regarding the proportions.



Step 2

It’s time to draw facial features. Begin with the ears and draw them in flowing lines that are long and long. Be aware that different breeds of dogs could have ears that are different. So, if you wish to represent the image of a German shepherd, you must make the ears a slight change in shape.


Step 3

Utilizing the sketches sketched in the initial step sketch the eyes. Make sure to draw the eyelids’ thickness as well as the creases just between the eyes and above them. This will make the drawing of the face an authentic and vibrant appearance. Dogs have large pupils. This is why we are unable to look at the whites of their eyes.


Step 4

Draw the nose close to the eyes. In one of our previous steps, we explained ways to draw the dog’s face. To verify the proportionality of your drawing of a dog’s face it is possible to take a look in the mirror or move away from the drawing.


Step 5

The next step is for you to create the jaw. Start by drawing an upper jaw. Next, below that sketch the outline of the tongue as well as 2 lower teeth. To make your drawing more detailed, try to create the areas closer to the mouth more distinct from the distant ones. We discussed this in our post regarding the aerial view.


Step 6

Create smooth lines for the lower lip as well as parts of your lower jaw. Draw the neck using long hatches. Using long hatches instead of straight lines gives the neck a bouncy appearance and makes it appear more real. Remember that the more detailed details must be more distinct in contrast to the more distant ones and that means you should draw the jaw’s lower part using more dark lines as opposed to the neck.


Step 7

It’s now time to make the dog’s face drawing an even more polished and tidy appearance. For this, you must carefully remove all the guides drawn at the beginning of the drawing guide. Examine your image of the dog’s face to our own. Complete the necessary information and fix any errors that you may have.


Step 9

To create a face that appears more realistic and similar to the real face of a dog, you can add shadows. Utilizing the technique of hatching carefully, apply shadows starting at the darkest parts and slowly moving towards lighter areas. To make the eyes more dynamic, add tiny highlights within them.


This was a face of a dog drawing lesson. To sharpen your ability, you can take a look at a few other drawing exercises.

Then, draw an image of a distinct breed of dog by following this guideline. Try adding more shadows, and attempt to create a texture in the fur. This will allow you to improve your drawing skills. dog’s head. You will also learn how to draw details that aren’t like the ones shown in this article.

Then, draw an entire dog, depicting the face in full detail, and other areas that make up the human body. This will enable you to understand the process of drawing more comprehensively and will teach you what to do with the skills about drawing the body’s parts when drawing a complete representation of a creature.

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