How to Draw Baby Grim Reaper

How to Draw Baby Grim Reaper

Step 1:

Draw the shapes and guides for the character that you are going to draw, just as we do every day. Two solid shapes will be needed for the baby reaper’s head and body, and then guidelines for the face or scythe.

Step 2:

Draw the hood for the hooded coat that the Grim Reaper wears always.

Step 3:

This is where you’ll draw the skull, and then the outline of the baby Grim’s face.

Step 4:

Add the shapes of the eyes and nose to the drawing, then draw the line for the top row.

Step 5:

The body will be drawn in its entirety. This includes the sleeves and the dress shape. You can also add the skeletal hand.

Step 6:

Finally, draw the large, chunky-style scythe. Add details to the blade. You can also erase all guides and mistakes.

Step 7:

You can color in the drawing of baby Grimreaper. This lesson was fun.

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